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Power-up without distrupting your gut.

Resfreshing energy drinks made with whole ingredients and no processed sugar substitues for only 45 calories per can.

Green tea caffeine + l-theanine

The clinically studied combo leaves you feeling energized, clear-headed and motivated.

100mg caffeine - Not too much, not too little (so you can get to sleep at night)

No Jitters / No Crash

Go from feeling sluggish to focused

Made with agave & juice

Say goodbye to gut-wrenching sugar substitutes like sucralose and stevia. Betweener is made with organic agave and real fruit juice.

Only 45 calories

That’s right. Amazing flavor. Feel-good energy. Only 45 calories per can. No dyes or chemicals either.

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The magic of caffeine + l-theanine

Tired of caffeine jitters?

Say hello to nature’s wonder ingredient: L-Theanine

L-Theanine is an all-natural ingredient found in tea leaves that eases your mind, sidestepping sleepiness. When combined with caffeine, it offers a refined boost of energy, ensuring clarity and calm without the jitters. L-Theanine is the brain's companion, boosting mood and focus for those who crave both alertness and serenity in one sip.

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x2 Energy Boost

2x alertness, energy and focus, without feeling wired or jittery.

30% More Mental Clarity

Enhance focus by 30%, reduce stress 50%, with L-Theanine—no anxiety, just productivity.

25x more antioxidants

Enjoy natural zest with 25x more antioxidants from real fruit juice and zero additives.

Where Health Meets Pleasure

Discover the perfect blend of taste and vitality with our all-natural, carefully crafted flavors, each designed to fuel your day with clean energy, focus, and hydration.

Sparkling raspberry lemon

Sparkling orange mango

Sparkling passionfruit lime

Sparkling watermelon peach

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Natural vs Artificial

‘Healthy’ Energy Drinks

Clean, natural ingredients

Ingredients you can’t pronounce

100mg of caffeine: The perfect amount

Overloaded with caffeine

L-Theanine to support focus

Big crashes and jitters

Delicious and authentic flavor

Artificial aftertaste

Meticulously crafted with real fruit juice

Fake tasting sugar substitutes

No synthetic dyes

FD&C dyes (red #5 etc.)

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  • Four cans of Betweener beverage in various flavors, labeled '4-Flavor Variety Pack'.


Hydration + Caffeine


937 reviews

The refreshing 45-calorie energy drink made with 100% whole ingredients.

Same caffeine as a cup of coffee (100mg)

Naturally sweetened with agave & juice

Clean ingredients that are easy on your stomach

No processed sugar substitutes like sucralose or stevia

12-Can Variety Pack



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12 cans  / case

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"Makes me feel great!" - Mia J.

"I love the taste of all of the Betweener flavors. Just enough caffeine to give me some energy without feeling antsy. Agreed with my stomach. The best part is no artificial sweeteners!"